Book Hoarders Anonymous, Episode 1

“Joyous Copulations”

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Miscellaneous Books Discussed

Cynster Series (Stephanie Lorens)

Black Dagger Brotherhood (J.R. Ward)

Fifty Shades of Gray (E.L. James)

Time Enough for Love (Robert A. Heinlein)

The Cat Who Walks through Walls (Robert A. Heinlein)

The Stand (Stephen King)

A Song of Ice and Fire (George R.R. Martin)

The Belgariad (David Eddings)

A Stolen Life (Jaycee Dugard)

Room (Emma Donnaghue)

Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope (Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly)

Wheel of Time (Robert Jordan)

The Time-Traveller’s Wife (Audrey Niffenegger)

The Forever War (Joe Haldeman)

Erin’s Current Reads

To Sale Beyond the Sunset (Robert A. Heinlein)

Wizard and Glass (Stephen King)

Shannon’s Current Reads

the Sholan worlds Series (Lisanne Norman)

Women of the Bite: Lesbian Vampire Erotica (Cecilia Tan)

The Virtues of our Vices: A Modest Defense of Gossip, Rudeness, and Other Bad Habits (Emrys Westacott)

Main Topic

Harry Potter: The Series


The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins)


Apple Refuses To Sell Book That Links To Amazon Store

J.K. Rowling teases with news of a post-Potter novel for grown-ups

Sci-fi author reveals series plot for cancer-ridden fan

Introducing Q-Reads, an Accessible E-Reader

Triple-X trilogy of novels has women talking (quietly)

Hunger Games Author Praises Upcoming Film

The Concept of “Mary Sue” in Modern LIterary Criticism

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  1. The content seemed pretty good, however, the use of the word “like” a thousand times was a bit distracting.

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