Book Hoarders Anonymous, Episode 15

“Dragonriders of Porn”

This month’s homework was The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara

Shannon’s Reading List
Maiden Flight (Dragon Knights, Book 1) by Bianca D’arc
The Chocolate Thief by Laura Florend
Transformation by Carol Berg
Little House, Long Shadow: Laura INgals Wilder’s Impact on American Culture by Anita Clair Fellman

Erin’s Reading List
General James Longstreet: the Confederacy’s Most Controversial Soadier by Jeffry D. Wert
Exploding the Phone: The Untold Story of the Teenagers and Outlaws Who Hacked Ma Bell by Phil Lapsley
Joyland by Stephen King

Other Items Mentioned Triangulation, Episode 13: John “Capn Crunch” Draper, Part 1 Triangulation, Episode 25: John “Capn Crunch” Draper, Part 2

In The News
Handwritten Edgar Allen Poe Poem Sells For $300,000 At South Shore Auction
Leading Ereader Companies Ask For Exemption From Certain Federal Accessibility Laws
Jane Austen Bank Note Earns Huzzahs and Nitpicking
JK Rowling Wins Substantial Donation To Charity From Law Firm Behind Robert Galbraith Confidentiality Leak

Next Month’s Homework
Next month’s homework is The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith (Amazon), also available on

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